And maybe the shortest to date!? Tomorrow is a busy day, and on Wednesday I’m having about 6 women here in my studio for “The Art of Life.” It is a project where women who are undergoing or have undergone treatment for cancer are paired with an artist to develop a painting or paintings that express their feelings about what they have been experiencing. I will write more about the project this week.

After Wednesday, I need to finish preparing for a demo/presentation for Yosemite Western Artists on Saturday in Oakhurst. Too much going on right now and I need to just keep remembering to take one thing at a time so that nothing becomes overwhelming.

When Meghan was a toddler, we used to tell her to eat “one piece of food at a time” and her rendition/repetition came out: “One at the time!” So, I keep saying to myself:”One at the time! One at the time!” And it really helps me to focus and not have any feelings of panic, which can easily happen when too much is going on in too short of a period of time.

Onward and upward, sparkle and shine–one at the time! 🙂