There for a moment, I thought I’d written “How do you eat a woodshed?” in my rush to write yesterday’s post! But, no, I wasn’t THAT silly. It seems like it’s been a whole week of splitting and stacking wood etc. and not much else. But that’s not true, really, it’s only been a few loads each day. I find that stacking wood is a rather pleasant adventure–making the wood fit when it’s all odd-sized is a challenge, saving space is another challenge, and I can sort of just “veg out” and think about other things as I’m stacking. Except that sometimes, I opt to count how many pieces in the load and who knows why that is? Usually, amazingly enough, there are about 83 pieces unless there are 97! In any case, there are a LOT of pieces piled high in our little yard wagon!

We’ve been creating a new space in the yard from what used to be the old dog kennel. It was 2 huge chain link runs with a wooden cover spanning the whole width over about 1/3 of the space. With the chain link torn out, the whole area pressure washed and the cover repainted, it will (we think!) make a nice place for tables and benches for the family picnic and other gatherings. It could even be a nice outdoor classroom setting in the nicer times of the year. The old poles will allow us to hang colorful lighting up high and the electricity and water are already there. So, Roy’s “brainstorm” was excellent! It’s exciting to know that seemingly wasted areas can be recovered and reused with just some creative thinking! (Pictures to follow–when and if I ever get my camera battery charged!)