As we were working outside today, in the middle of a long workday, Roy said: “This looks like the debris of progress.” And I thought what an excellent analogy that was. It is so often true that as we are making the best progress–on a huge yard work project, on a painting, on cleaning house, on getting organized–everything looks much worse before it all comes together and looks much better. And that’s how it was with the yard today. We are making great progress, but today we had piles of tree trimmings everywhere! We had picked up everything once and then just let a lot of it stay spread out on the ground because tomorrow it will all go into the chipper to become sawdust anyway. I had hoped to take before and after pictures, but I haven’t. Maybe there will be some “after” ones soon!

In any case, I plan to remember and use the words and thought again soon–“the debris of progress”!