. . . . and no photo, though I should have taken one.

Roy has been working hard in the yard, trying to clean up on and around the island and around the edges of the pond while the water is still down. I haven’t spent much time outside recently but today I joined him in his efforts. My part consisted mostly of moving cut wood into the woodshed and almost being part of an avalanche of wood off a poorly secured shelf. Yikes! I heard ominous “creaks” just before a heavily loaded shelf dumped itself onto the wood floor of the shed. Luckily, I vacated the building just before the crash. He will reinforce the shelf tomorrow and then I’ll get back to work. There’s something about stacking wood that I like–fitting all the pieces together appeals to me, I guess. Maybe it’s applying the elements and principles of design? In a different sort of way?

I haven’t painted much at all this past week but have great hopes for next week. 🙂