. . . . the title may make my community concert band director AND my oboe teacher think that I’ve been practicing!

But, actually, that’s NOT what the title refers to. 🙁

Woodshedding. . . . means exactly that. Spending more time in the woodshed, stacking firewood. We are making great headway on all the piles of eucalyptus, locust, pine, and mulberry stacked around our 2 acres. One of the joys of living in the country means a lot of trees–a lot of trees that fall at inopportune times. But it also means a lot of firewood. We have a great woodshed and it was literally empty after this past winter so it’s good to see it filling up again and the piles in the yard disappearing.

I did paint this evening–almost finished with 2 more word paintings and I have 2 more in progress. Enthusiasm, knowledge, diversity, and compassion–coming your way soon! And a new painting started for my critique group. The topic is “The Eyes Have It!” Or maybe it’s “The I’s Have It”? Actually, according to Roy’s reminder, it should be “The Ayes Have It” from the days when votes were taken by a chorus of “Ayes”. So, it will be interesting to see what comes out of the topic when we next meet in April.