And a hint of what is soon to come in this part of the San Joaquin Valley. I actually live on The Blossom Trail, a miles-long “loop” of beautiful driving territory covered by acres and acres of spring-flowering fruit trees. You can read the write-up about the area every year in local, state and national publications. It happens for a period of about 2 weeks each year in February and when the Trail is at it’s peak, you can see pink and white everywhere you look as you drive down mile after mile of country roads. It will be starting very soon and today’s weather (about 72 degrees) reminded me of that fact. But tomorrow, we are supposed to have thunderstorms! Every day is another day this time of year and we learn to enjoy it when it comes and know that it will be back when the weather turns cold, wet, and/or foggy. Overall, we are so lucky to live where we do and enjoy a temperate climate much of each year.