This is officially Saturday’s post because last night when I opened the laptop and downloaded some photos to add to my post the lights started flashing again and I had another dizzy spell. When it happens, I can’t stand the light or moving my eyes and I can’t focus on anything. So, I just went and threw up (I know, TMI!) and went to bed. And today, I am fine!

But, I think I know the culprit. All the months/years that I’ve done Weight Watchers fairly religiously, I haven’t had many problems. The last couple of months I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon and the “spells” have increased in frequency. I think the culprit may be caffeine and CHOCOLATE, which can be triggers for migraines. Last night, I had eaten a chocolate candy bar. Thursday (the last spell), I finished off a part of a bag of chocolate kisses left over from the Art for Life day. Hmmmmmmm. I’m seeing a pattern here! I really don’t think it’s stress because it seems like there are many times I’d have a spell that I don’t. I’m going to “get back on the wagon” and see if they go back to happening only once or twice a year instead of several times a week!

Now–yesterday’s post! I finished up the saxophone painting and the abstract-y floral both. I will post them very soon. I worked on a painting that came from the background I had prepared for the demo that didn’t happen. It looks like “Buttons and Bows” or ribbons.

I started a background for another musical painting, I hope–and a splish-splashy floral. I call it that because I wet the paper in most areas until it was quite wet. Then I slopped on a vase and some areas of color for flowers. I let it dry a little and added the green for stems, leaves etc. and a few more flower details. You’ll see how wet it looks in the large painting and in the detail. Tomorrow, I’ll add some background and more flowers with negative painting and I’ll show it to you again.

Maybe it’s also “splish-splashy” because of all the rain we’ve been having!