I asked myself several posts ago “What if I just SHOWED UP?” to my blog each day. And I did for a few days and it worked well but then I got distracted and bogged down by end of the year taxes. Well, the taxes are done and I haven’t been showing up.

A new “What If” I’ve asked myself is: What If I tried doing more digital sketching or painting? Would I be able to get more comfortable with the applications? At least enough so that they could be useful for quick sketches or brainstormed ideas? I have an iPad, which I absolutely love, and had previously downloaded and tried–a little–some sketching/painting apps. I have Paper 53 and Sketchbook Express right now and I’ve ruled out some of the other ones previously as not meeting my needs. Paper 53 is very attractive, fun, and seems to be able to handle my requests now that I know how to manipulate the pallette and open and close the program. I can also easily save a drawing and send it to Facebook or email it to myself or others.

I’ll show you what I’ve done so far and tell you what I plan to do with the app. Here are my first 4 attempts, in the order in which I created them. I was pretty happy with this first one, an early Valentine’s Card. I tried most of the effects, with more success on some than on others. It was quite easy to do once I got started.

Valentine’s Card
Quick fun drawing of one of my favorite quotes.

Further experimentation. You can’t use text with this app, just handwritten notes or writing.

I tried making a quick “Save the Date” note for the next Art Hop event coming up. My next goal is to do the next Art Hop Flyer using Paper 53. Maybe not ALL of it but the graphic part of it. So, watch for more attempts over the next weeks and if you have an iPad, join me in trying out some programs. I heard of another one called Rage Art or Art Rage ($4.99) which has a LOT of different paint effects but it looks more difficult and I haven’t tried it yet.