It’s not that I’m not always busy–I am!–but rather that I just don’t sit down at the computer and come to my blogsite every day. Some days, I start with good intentions only to find out the internet connection isn’t working that day. Always 101 excuses, I guess. And usually the only reason I don’t come is that I’m involved with something else. And I obviously must consider that “something else” more important than blogging.

I’ve always felt strongly that I don’t like taking on commissions because I don’t like to paint for someone else, sometimes in a style that’s not my own. But I’ve decided that commissions can definitely be good things IF the request honors the style, thought processes, and final product that the artist comes up with. I’m recently working on 3 or 4 commissions or requests and I’m happy about all of them because I’m doing them my way, in my time frame, in MY style. So that’s a great revelation, actually, and should have positive implications for the future.
Recently on my work table and now completed:
1. Two paintings about Duane Weston, Fresno music educator
2. Nineteen small bird paintings in watercolor for a painting for the local Audubon Society.
3. Three “Powerful Word” paintings and a cover for an upcoming calendar of 12 powerful words.
4. Three tiny owl paintings for a collector friend who saw the bird painting and requested owls
5. Thirteen small paintings for a set of Greeting Cards that are event specific, in a general sort of way
I’m feeling good about the paintings and about completing them. Onward and Upward now–on to other things on these gorgeous spring days!
Wreath by Susan Klassen of Reedley