The last day that “Mixed Messages” ART was open for business in Sanger CA was March 20th, 2020. Being a “non-essential” business, I had to close my doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been a very strange 3 months during which I have lost my drive to create in the usual way and gained drive to create in other ways. During the 9 years that the gallery has been closed, I have not done a lot of the things around home that I enjoy doing–keeping things clean and organized and not getting behind on getting rid of “stuff”. So, the pandemic has been terrible in some ways–no income for the gallery while all the bills have continued–but wonderful in other ways.


It has been a golden opportunity to get things back in order at home, spend time outside in the yard, and have more time with Roy and the boys (Artie and Bernie) and the girls   (Rocky and Marsha).










With Roy’s sustained help and encouragement, I’ve been through almost the whole house and I’m feeling like I’m almost ready to reopen at the gallery with a clear mind, ready to create with no guilt attached for what I’m not doing at home. Included in this post are some random photos taken during the last 3 months. Remember, Art IS Life! and Life. . . is Art!