Well, the Allard’s show is up–14 full sheets and 4 quarter sheets–and I am very pleased with how it looks. Mike and Sheryl did a fantastic job hanging it. I went on Saturday morning to set up for my demonstration (which I never really did at all because I spent the time talking to people instead) and was available between 11 AM and 3 PM.

I always wake up the day of a demo or workshop and think: “What if no one comes?” That never materializes, thank goodness, but there weren’t a lot of people visiting on Saturday. Not a lot of the people that I thought might come by anyway–but there were several new people that I had time to really chat with and a couple of people that I reconnected with from years past. So, all in all, it was a really nice, relaxed day with a few sales and hope for more during and after the show. I really do it more for the exposure and the opportunity to show my work as a “body of work” than for the actual sales.

After Allard’s, we (Roy and I and fellow artist and friend Patrick Lacey) went “up the hill” to Oakhurst for the Sierra Art Trails preview exhibit. It was a lot of fun–tons of artists, beautiful art, wonderful food, music by the Eva Scow Trio, and good company. Someone made a Margarita Key Lime cheescake with raspberries that was to die for! (A whole weeks worth of Weight Watchers points in the one piece most likely, but I suffered through it. :))

More photos soon, I hope–a very busy and fun Saturday was had by all, I think!