I can’t procrastinate about this any longer. I need to pick 7 bloggers whose blogs inspire or motivate me and list them here and tell them that they’ve been chosen so that they can pass the award along. My choices are:

1. The Fabric of Meditation by Sara Lechner in Austria. Sara does wonderful fiber art creations along with very creative and unique knitting projects, among other things. She has a wonderful book out and was just honored in the last issue of “Cloth, Paper, Scissors”. Imagine my surprise when the magazine with her interview arrived almost the same day I received her wonderful star/sun creation from the “One World, One Heart” giveaway process this year. It was the 1 gift I truly wanted to win–and I did!

Her second blog is called “What Iffing Around” and it led me to my second and third choices, which are:

2. “Bockfilz” (Anneli, like Sara, is in Austria) and

3. “Jude” by Jude Hill.

Essentially, I picked the first 3 blogs because, to me, they embody true creativity. I think of creativity as putting things together in an unusual or unexpected way. Sara’s 2nd blog and #2 and #3 are “whatiffing” blogs–“What if I put this and this together and did this? Then, what if I took that result and did this?” I love the idea of trying new things and letting each step lead to the next, without a preconceived notion of the direction being traveled in!

On to blog choices 4, 5, 6, and 7:

4. Because I love multi-media art and layering, I have been seeking out blogs that explore those topics and I happened upon one called “Layers of Meaning” which is devoted to providing mixed media and collage artists with original images for their use, sometimes on a daily basis. There are a lot of wonderful ideas on this blog about beautifying your home also.

5. I once bought a beaded pin from artist friend Nina Devor and loved it so much that I wanted to make one like it myself. I tried, in vain, to make the process work but I wasn’t successful. . . . until I found a book called “One Bead At a Time” by Robin Atkins. Blog #5 is Robin’s blog called “Beadlust” and I can hardly wait to delve into the archives more deeply. I loved the book, the pins that resulted after I read it, and I love Robin’s very informative, beautifully photographed blog.

6. Mike Bailey is a California artist who paints watercolors and oils. On his blog he shares all–his successes and failures, and his thought processes as he creates them. Check out M.E.Bailey Art for a thought-provoking read!

7. I continue to be inspired by the energy and creativity to be found in the “Artgirlz” blog. I visit the site when I want a “fun fix”.

I am passing the Kreativ Blogger Award on to these 7 blogs who will, in turn, each pass it on to 7 other recipients. In addition to passing it on (and notifying each recipient), you can drop by my blog and pick up the logo to post on your blog (if you don’t already have it). The second part of receiving the award is that you will write a post listing 7 things that motivate or inspire you.

Again, thank you Julie Mitchell, for choosing me for this award. I enjoyed deciding on the blogs to honor and on verbalizing seven things that inspire me.