It’s December 23rd, almost Christmas and almost the end of the year. As an artist, 2018 has been “The Year of the Dog” and that inspiration came from knowing that it was the year of the dog in the Chinese calendar. I chose that theme for the year clear back in October of 2017 when I started drawing dogs for the Inktober Challenge. I said “But I can’t draw dogs! when I began, but now I’m saying “Bring them on!”

 Thirteen months ago I didn’t think I could do dogs for a whole year, but now, I’m not ready to quit. I’ve loved everyone that I’ve done and I want to do more. You can see a few of my favorites here and there are many, many more.

I’ve been pondering the question of what the theme for 2019 will be for several weeks now and woke up on more than one night with an idea, only to discard it the next day for what ever reason. And then, about a week after my early November birthday, I received a belated birthday gift of a gorgeous, fun bouquet of flowers from a friend. And there it was! The THEME for 2019–“Friends, Flowers, and Fun/ A Year of the F Words!”–appeared before my eyes, just like that. I love my friends, I want to do more flowers, and I want to have fun doing whatever I do in 2019. And I can continue with the dogs because they are friends AND fun, plus I can add cats this year, too. And I’ll explore more fun F words and if it’s a particularly bad day, I’ll explore some that I most usually avoid. It’s all coming together. I have a broader view and more choices and I think those are good things. I can hardly wait!