I still haven’t decided what to do about the “look” of the blog. I do appreciate the responses that I have received so far. They were all thoughtful and helpful and are pointing me in a slightly different direction than the current one. I think that I’ll wait another day or 2 before I try something different, just in case others are still preparing their thoughts and do intend to comment also.

This week, my “potluck critique group” meets on Wednesday evening. The topic for this month is “Pipe Dreams” and I didn’t have any real ideas about what to paint until this evening. But this is only Sunday, right? Par for the course since I often only start a couple of days before the meeting. At first, I thought I’d paint something about dreams or dreaming and then I thought of another idea. I decided to paint shapes that are pipe shapes–like different types of pipes. And then, I starting thinking that some musical instruments look like pipes. So. . . . I decided to paint–what else?–saxophones!

The first wash of the painting is pictured here.  I lightly painted in a large light shape from top to bottom and then a yellow shape from side to side, “behind’ the first large instrument. You can now see 3 saxes, one large and top to bottom, one medium and upside down, and one small crosswise one. They are different warm colors, as is the background. I didn’t draw anything, just started wetting the paper and dropping in color where I thought I wanted it. The end of tonight’s process was to draw some keys, rods etc. with watercolor inks in eyedropper bottles. We’ll see where it goes tomorrow. It was fun just quickly throwing paint on without preplanning much or sketching anything. It makes for a lot more spontaneous painting that is more soft-edged than hard-edged and a lot less tight than those that are carefully drawn out first.

Watch for future developments tomorrow!