If your only contact with me is through my blog, you may have been wondering if I am still around. Well, I am–and all is well. I am going to do much better in 2012, in terms of blogging. I think I don’t post sometimes when I don’t have any current photos to accompany the post but I’m going to try to NOT let that continue to stop me. My trusty Olympus digital camera is not well and my iPhone camera will have to suffice for the time being. Let me just say these things:

1. I am well and Roy is well.

2. I love the studio/gallery building, location, and the motivation/inspiration I feel when I’m there.

3. The holidays were joyful.

4. We just celebrated our 43rd anniversary yesterday.

5. I’m working on 4 totem paintings for Timberline’s new show next week.

6. A newsletter will be out shortly.

7. New classes begin the 2nd week of January.

8. Art Education sessions begin January 5th in the form of “First Friday Design Dates”.

9. 2012 is going to be an awesome year!

10. Reach for YOUR dream!

More VERY soon, I promise! Hope your holidays were wonderful and Happy New Year!