Today is a significant day in the month of January because today is Day 15–so we’re half way through the challenge. Even though it’s taking a lot of time to keep up with the paintings, the framing, the posting of them and the blogging about them, I think it’s well worth the effort in several ways. Some of the reasons I’m enjoying it are:

1) It makes me think!

2) I definitely paint something every day.

3) I will have 30 or more new paintings at the end of January.

4) The theme I picked–Sanger (my hometown)–makes them paintings that should sell at my gallery     which is IN Sanger.

5) I’m learning something every day.

6) I’m taking time to explore new materials and techniques as I develop the same subject multiple times. The new materials and techniques keep the same subject “fresh”and interesting–at least it seems that way to me.

7) I’m simplifying my thoughts about what is unique and special about Sanger and that can carry over to whatever subject I choose as my next series.

8) I’m having fun doing paintings of different sizes in order to provide different price points for buyers.

9) I’m using up small pieces of paper, odd frames and mats, and collage scraps and cleaning up my materials and supplies as I go.

10) It’s interesting to see the paintings done by others in the challenge and read about the processes they use on their blogs and Facebook pages.

11) I’ve been more FOCUSED in the last 15 days because I know I have something that I need to do each day. It makes me do other tasks quickly and efficiently (or skip them altogether! LOL) so that I can get to work on the day’s painting.

Here is my Day 15 painting, completed. I’m also posting the partially completed painting. I will be using a similar style for tomorrow’s Day 16 painting but it’s larger (8″ x 10″) than today’s 4″ X 6″.

Day 16, part way finished

Completed Day 16 painting–titled “Sanger Dangles”