Day 2, May 5, 2021: This is Day 2 of painting on this 30”x40” canvas. Today is Wednesday, and I’m back at the gallery after Monday and Tuesday (MY weekend days) spent doing other things. Today, my goal was to (1) continue experimenting with mixing some khaki colors and adding some rusts and a blue area to the pencil gridded-whiteness of the new canvas and (2) cover the whole canvas with at least a thin layer of paint, including the edges of the “gallery wrap” (deep and needing no frame) canvas. Some of the areas are thinly painted, others more thickly. In addition to covering the canvas this afternoon,  I also continued “cleaning”(wiping off) my brushes on 3 small canvases, 2 of which were aborted starts from a class I once took and the larger one with the blue background was a new canvas. I have no thoughts yet about direction for the 2 paint-overs, but I do have a thought in mind for the larger one with the blue background. The afternoon is now almost over but I will continue with another layer tomorrow, adding more colors and beginning to add textures, and patterns. What do you like about the canvas so far? What questions do you have? Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll show you a swatch of the inspiration fabric for this painting. . . . I like it more every time I look at it!