I recently posted a flyer stating that “Great Art makes a Great Gift!” and that if you greet me with that quote at “Mixed Messages” Art, you will receive 25% off your purchases on any given day during the month of April.Creating and posting this “April Advantage” opportunity on my Facebook pages caused me to spend some time thinking about how my greeting cards could “play into” this marketing strategy.

By this time, my brain was spinning with ideas and ways to apply some newly learned research at the same time. Let’s start with a little background about my cards. Almost every time I complete a painting, I have it professionally photographed by Aaron Mullins, at Mullins Editions in Clovis, California. Aaron photographs it, checks and corrects the color, and archives the image to be potentially used at a later time in multiple ways–as prints, as greeting cards, for advertising purposes, on my website etc. I decided to think of all the ways I could think of why people should buy my greeting cards and develop a post from these brain-stormed thoughts.

This is the list I came up with:

  1. Greeting cards  (or Art Cards, as I call them) are reproductions of watercolor, acrylic and mixed media paintings, lovingly and skillfully created by myself–Sanger artist, Kathleen Mattox. They are beautiful, unique, timeless mini pieces of art. They use many subjects, themes and color palettes and evoke many different emotions, dependent upon the perception of the viewer.
  2. Blank Art Cards can be personalized to suit the need of the moment and the recipient. You can pick the card with the painting that “says what you want to say.” Then, inside, you can say what YOU want to say.
  3. When you can’t be there in person, your thoughtful handwritten note inside an Art Card carries your message in a more visual way than an email or a phone call. It tells the recipient you value them.
  4. The card can be displayed or framed as a keepsake. When the recipient looks at the card later–perhaps even many years later– they will think of you.
  5. Art Cards are sold at affordable prices that are equal to or lower than the prices of mass-produced cards sold at big box stores or your corner drugstore. They are conveniently available with less time needed to  park, walk in, select and pay for a card or cards. They are also available online on Kathleen’s website mixedmessagesart.com or by contacting her at (559) 905-3517 or emailing her at kathleen@mixedmessagesart.com

Here are some images of Kathleen’s Artist Greeting cards on display at “Mixed Messages” Art/1310 8th Street in Sanger, California 93657:


Cards are all $5 each (individually) and card sets range from $40-$50, with 9-13 assorted cards per set, each set having a particular theme. But during the “April Advantage”, you’ll save 25% on each card and/or each set. And you’ll be supporting an independent artist, perhaps, in some cases, a struggling one instead of a huge corporation or line of stores. Hope to see you soon! Message me, call me, text me, or come visit if you have questions or special requests! Your support is always appreciated.