Way back on March 28th (of this year!), I asked for your help to create a week’s worth of titles, 1 for each day of the week, to simplify my weekly routines. I wanted good titles for Wednesday through Sunday. I wanted one for a writing day (to blog), one for taking photos and posting on Instagram, one for nothing but painting, maybe 1 for my furry friends to visit, and 1 for paperwork etc.  You shared your thoughts and I charted your responses and made some executive decisions.


On March 29th, I posted this: I have decided I need to do these things each week:

(1) Paint/Create

(2) Write/Blog, Take Photos for Instagram, Capture & Publish Short Videos

(3) Experiment with New Ideas & Techniques

(4) Clean, Organize, Do Paperwork & Marketing tasks

(5) Celebrate.

Even though there are 5 days and 5 major jobs/tasks/areas to be addressed, each day will not be spent doing nothing but that. I plan to start the day with the job for the day and when it’s finished, I will do more painting and creating. So, hopefully, many weeks, I’ll be able to create every single day, but I’ll also be more apt to address things that I’ve been not doing at all. The year is now 5/12ths over and I haven’t put the plan in place that I’ve been envisioning since January 2019.

June will be the month to work out the kinks and then the last half of the year will be the time to see how much more productive I can be once the routine is established and I become more FLUENT (an F word!) with implementing it.

So, FAST FORWARD–onward and upward is the route to be taken and tomorrow I will blog again with more information on this same topic.