What happened to my “Just Show Up!” plan? It seems that every day is so full that some things just get pushed back and unfortunately, blogging is one of those things for me. I find the immediacy of Faceback and the fact that it gets more responses and thus more interactions is more appealing to me than blogging. So if one has to go, it’s always the blogging. And sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself on my blog if I’ve already Facebooked about it so that’s another constraint. I try to save the more “process-oriented” posts for blogging about, or the more thoughtful or longer ones.

As I read other peoples’ blogs on my reading list, I find a lot of people blog about not having time for everything. And I don’t blog about it, I just don’t blog–but it’s for the same reason. Time is of the essence, as are priorities. I like to blog but if it comes to painting or reorganizing the studio or planning for Sanger Art Hop, I choose one of the others first every time. And yet, in reality, I just need to show up and say something and let it go at that. OK, I’ll try to do better.

My newsletter is rather the same way–I want to do it every month, but I just don’t always do it. So, I’m going to start calendaring it again and see that it gets done because I always get results from it. It needs to be done today or tomorrow because this is the Blossom Trail time of year and this Saturday’s Art Hop and next Saturday’s Sanger Blossom Day Festival should be busy days here in town and at the gallery. Lots of people “hit the trail” to see all the blossoms in bloom along a stretch of road extending from near Sanger to the base of the foothills and into the surrounding small communities. It is really beautiful to see miles and miles of pink and white blossoming trees–peaches, nectarines, plums in many varieties.