“Sunday Drive” is a painting that was done for the 2014 Blossom Trail Poster competition. It was entered in the contest at The Big Fresno Fair and received an Honorable Mention award.

In the painting, I included all the towns and cities ON the Blossom Trail and close to it. I identified each city by it’s water tower, if it has one (or two!), and some well-known, recognizable buildings and/or landmarks. I chose the compositional format of a winding drive through Blossom Trail country because I saw it as an opportunity to educate and inform people about the towns found on the Blossom Trail. I also showed the orchards found along the trail and identified them by blossom color and name. It may be the most challenging watercolor I’ve ever done because of all the small but important details and the overlapping cities and orchards.

Original (40” X 32”) available ($1150) plus prints and cards.