“Old Town Clovis” was painted after many requests that I paint Clovis or Old Town Clovis after finishing two similar paintings of my hometown of Sanger, California. I was reluctant to do it at first because I wasn’t sure which locations to include and I didn’t have a lot of time to research the project or photograph the suggested locations before painting them.

I decided to ask people for ideas and they came pouring in! I started sketching the first location. Next, I had a gracious offer from photographer, Cathy Speiser, a Clovis resident, to take the photos for me. I picked about 20 locations and she sent me great photos of all of them. I finished sketching them and then drew them with black ink and painted them with watercolor paint on small 4” X 6” or 5” X 5” pieces of watercolor paper with narrow white borders. I had them all individually photographed professionally by Aaron Mullins (at Mullins Editions in Clovis), with titles and signatures in the bottom border, to later be printed as greeting cards. Next, I cut off all the borders, glued the small paintings to a full sheet of Arches watercolor paper and painted and collaged between them to make one unified whole, using paint, pens, collage papers, rice papers, and other mixed media materials. Though the pastiche painting is definitely NOT to scale nor are the locations anything close to where they are on the map, the painting does fairly accurately depict some familiar Old Town Clovis sites. I actually have greeting cards of several additional locations that are not included in the composite paintings—places such as the Old Town Trail, the Mercedes Edwards theater and more.

I hope I have been successful painting Old Town Clovis, California in a way that will be enjoyed and appreciated by its residents and others who enjoy spending time there for years to come!

Original (32” X 40”) available at $1300; prints and cards available.