“My Dad’s Home Town” was painted for the Alliance of California Artists theme show, “California Cityscapes”, in February 2012. I first painted “Definitely Not to Scale” and when it was finished I decided to again paint my impressions of some of the most well-known buildings, locations, and events in Sanger, California in the present time.

Done totally in watercolor, I started at the front with my own “Mixed Messages” ART Studio/Gallery and the local floral shop and moved toward the back of the painting, trying to capture the critical details of some of the structures that I first painted in “Definitely Not to Scale” in a looser, more playful style. I had a great time trying to paint with more realism than usual while still using my own vibrant colors and whimsical style. It IS true that my dad was born in Sanger, in what was the hospital and is now a rest home/convalescent care facility. Both Sanger paintings are part of my attempt to connect artistically with the city in which I have lived for the last 20 years.

Original (40” X 32”) Available ($1300) plus prints and cards