I wanted to do an alphabet project for a long time before I actually started on this one. I decided to paint a musical alphabet since I love music and it’s a subject I know well and can usually recreate by memory. I painted each letter of the alphabet on a gessoed 10″ x 10″ square of watercolor paper and added multiple musical signs, instruments, or words in paint or collage paper to each square. Once the alphabet was finished, I added a title “block” and a final black and white checkerboard block. The beauty of this “modular method” is that the squares, once photographed and archived, can be configured in many different shapes in the final print. With 30 squares (26 in the alphabet, a title and signature square, and an extra “ff” and “pp” as part of the musical alphabet), the full print can be 5 squares by 6 squares, or 6 by 5, or 3 by 10 or 10 by 3, or 4 x 7 (with no beginning and ending square) or many other options making it usable in many different spaces. The squares can be anywhere from 4″ each to 12″ each, making many finished sizes possible. This was a really fun project, done in stages, and enjoyed from beginning to end. The painting (or a print) is ideal for childrens’ rooms, music teachers’ classrooms, or music lovers in general. It definitely will brighten up any space it occupies and you’ll discover something new each time you look at it!