Hello on a beautiful Thursday! Today I “sat” at The Art Stand (Cooperative Art) Gallery from 11 AM till 5 PM. There were a LOT of visitors today, out driving the Blossom Trail and/or coming in as a result of our increased advertising efforts. Yippee! It’s great to have new people discovering the best-kept-secret-of-an-art-gallery in the Central Valley each and every day.

Yesterday, I said that I’d talk today about how to receive notification of new posts on Mixed Messages. You may have noticed a heading that says “Subscribe to Mixed Messages” (below the followers and archive areas) and 2 little boxes in the right hand sidebar of the blog. They say “Posts” and “Comments”. When you do the pulldown menu on each, you have a choice of Google, Bloglines, netvibes, newsgator, Yahoo, and Atom. I know some of you ask me how you can use your Feedblitz feature, but I don’t know anything about it. I assume these 6 choices offered in the gadget from Blogger are very similar to Feedblitz. If you have a Google account, choose the Google one and if you have Yahoo, choose the Yahoo one. I think the one at the bottom called Atom is perhaps a default because you do see it at the very bottom of my blog also. So, in any case, if you pick any one of the 6, it will “hook you up” so that you are notified whenever I do a new post and it sends it to you via an RSS feed system, I think. It allows you to see the recent (maybe all of the posts?) posts directly on your Google home page, for example, without logging into the blog at all. It saves you time and simplifies the process of reading multiple blogs frequently.
Hopefully, that will help you understand how to subscribe though I’m not totally clear on how it all works myself. A friend told me that she was asked to type in the email of a friend before she could proceed though the steps, but I don’t see that request anywhere in the process that I’ve just described to you. I do remember seeing it somewhere else though–and it was for when you want to send a link to one of my posts on to someone else so that they can see the post also.
Again, LOTS to learn!
Today’s painting is ‘Responsibility”, another in the Words Series. We all have to take responsibility for our own learning, for maximizing our efforts, and for taking control of our lives and our art. It’s a process. . . . a journey. . . . . and it is sometimes rewarding and satisfying, sometimes frustrating and confusing. . . . . but always necessary.