Last Saturday, I taught a Mixed Media class in Oakhurst for Vision Academy. It was held at the Boys and Girls Club, adjacent to the elementary school. There were a few challenges at the beginning–it was “over the river and through the woods” from the parking lot to the classroom, water was hard to find, and we had porta potties for the day. But the pluses far outweighed the negatives. Seven students and I had a great time–playing with new materials, chatting, having lunch together, and allaying some of their fears about trying new things. Each time I teach a class I remember how much I like teaching but I tend to forget that fact in the planning, preparing, agonizing of how to present things, and gathering materials to pack and take.

Today’s first photo is of the tiny little mixed media piece–it’s only 5″ X 7″ and will be framed to 8″ X 10″–called “Venture Out” that was my demo for the day. The words are on a dark gray background and I just laid the matted and clear-wrapped piece on the scanner so the photo isn’t the greatest.

 The words say: 

“Venture beyond the ordinary to a place you’ve only imagined.”
The next photo is of an equally small painting that was a demo in another class. It reminds us that sometimes, we CAN have it all! Keep these sentiments in mind and go out and have the greatest of days!