The painting above is called “In the Name of the Rose” and it’s one I started at the workshop I went to in January in San Jose. I stayed with Grace and we went together. The images in the painting were inspired by the icons at the Rosecrucian Museum which was directly across the street from the middle school where the workshop was held. The painting started out all bright pinks and oranges but then later I “punched” it up with layers of glazes which really changed the whole feeling of the piece. I let it sit for quite a while before I finished it because I wasn’t thrilled with it,  but now, I like it much better though I’m not sure it has an adequate warm or cool dominance. It’s pretty evenly split, at the moment, though it looks a little different in person.

If you have been to the Rosecrucian Museum in the not too distant past, you may recognize the (ever-present on the grounds) banana plant, the figure from the top of the fountain (lower left corner of the painting), the columns and their toppers, the Moorish arch, the ram’s horn from the statues out front of the museum, the Friendship Garden gate (in the lower right corner, with many small geometric shapes) and other figures that I may have forgotten to list. I did enter the painting last week at the ACA show at Chris Sorensen’s studio and it got a 3rd place in the Mixed Media category.

Well, I need to get back to work on my latest adventure. I’m using up 10 inch square plexi pieces to make some small stacked paintings. Really fun! But a challenge when you’re painting or drawing on each of 4-6-8 sides because it’s so easy to get things upside down or backwards. I’ll get better once I’ve done a few more. I think they will be nice small pieces for SAT which will be here long before we are all ready for it. The preview reception is on Saturday, September 12th in the evening.