Today began at the Rosecrucian Museum again as we did “walking sketches.” These tiny little thumbnails were done very quickly–we did about 24 in about 45 minutes. We returned to the room, watched Jean’s demo and again began to paint. We had several options to follow and different people chose different ones. Some people seem very comfortable with doing more abstract paintings but most seem uncertain of how to tackle this painting process that is new to them. They want everything to be representational and seemingly aren’t happy to try something that’s much more conceptual.

Today’s photos are of the middle school–Herbert Hoover Middle School–where the workshop is held. It is right across the street from the Egyptian Museum.

Tonight, we had dinner with friends of Grace’s–another nice evening. Grace won’t be attending tomorrow due to the reception in the afternoon so we talked to Donna (who will be taking her place) about what happened on days 1 and 2.

Again, I painted in the evening on the day 1 painting and started to add some darks to the day 2 painting. Tomorrow, we are supposed to tear up an old painting and collage pieces of it onto a new paper for our day 3 work. I like the way Jean uses watercolor crayon very freely and loosely. . . . and randomly to her paintings. It adds texture and excitement and sometimes provides direction for the next step. I plan to incorporate the idea into my paintings more.