In the same book about making maps, I saw an idea for making my own game board. Since time was limited today, I decided to do a quick version by using printed copies of the small paintings I did for a painting called “Definitely NOT to Scale!” Here is that painting:

I used cards of the individual paintings in the large painting and I left them in their plastic sleeves, put them on the printer, resized them and copied them in a smaller format. I cut them all out, slapped them on to a full sheet of watercolor paper with a glue stick, addeda caption box below each and then started thinking about
how to proceed. LOL

Next, I added a banner and Sanger, CA. I proceeded to ask a question about each of the locations, add some arrows and finally, a little watercolor paint. This is the final product and it’s more of an illustration/composite than anything else. It’s the first “product” that I see no reason to frame, because I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. It could be a conversation starter, but not much else. So this might be my “fail” of the 30 days of paintings. It was a fun idea, but not fine art and probably not salable.