. . .  which means I am now 2/3’s done. And I have mixed emotions about whether I’m happy or sad. I like the focus and the serial nature of doing 30 paintings on one subject, with many variations. I’m happy to have 30 new paintings at the end of the month. But I’m also needing to catch up on some other things that I’m running behind on–like getting my state taxes done. 🙁 But it will happen.

I did 3 “random” small paintings/drawings with FW Daley-Rowney acrylic artist inks. They come in a bottle and I just painted with them straight out of the bottle onto watercolor paper. They ran and bubbled and dripped and this is what the 3 paintings looked like, last night when they were wet. I was thinking of trees, orchards, blossoms, fields, mountains, a river, a highway, and wildflowers as I played with the inks with their eyedroppers.

The one on the bottom left is the one that became today’s painting. The other 2 will become Day 21 and Day 22, giving me a little time to catch up on framing at the gallery tomorrow, I hope! Here is the finished Day 20 painting. After the inks dried–which took overnight–I added watercolor to fill in the areas between the inked lines and once that dried, I added a little black pen linework.