Today is Day 14 of the “30 Paintings in 30 Days” Challenge. I had a busy day yesterday and today and I finished today’s painting quickly and late, both. It’s not one of my more successful paintings of the challenge but there was an upside to the experience.

I haven’t done a lot of Zentangles, but I have done some. I bought a book a while back called “Zenspirations, Dangle Designs” by Joanne Fink. It is about extending the zentangle process to include creative, freeform”Dangles”. I’ve been wanting to try it for quite a while but haven’t taken the time. The nice thing about something like this challenge is that when you have been doing the same subject for 14 days, you’re open and receptive to taking time to try a new material or technique to “change it up” a little. That’s what I did today–quickly reread the thin book and did a couple of quick sketches and then jumped right in. This is what the cover of the book looks like–I think you’d enjoy it if you like “doodle-inspired” drawing.

I wasn’t sure what subject related to Sanger I could use the dangles as part of, so I decided to start with the old standby, a giant Sequoia tree. It wasn’t a terribly qualified subject for the position, but I persisted since I needed to complete something in order to not get a day behind. Here is the result–a 6″ X 4″ tiny tree that’s not compositionally very interesting or very effective. It WAS fun to do and it led me in a different direction for tomorrow and I’m already liking tomorrow’s painting MUCH better. Here is today’s–
It makes me think of a giant deformed FROG, somehow. Oh, well, it was fun! And here is the beginning of tomorrow’s painting–
I already like tomorrow’s MUCH better! Maybe I’ll try another approach to the Zenspirational “Dangles” for Day 16–any thoughts on what Sanger subject would lend itself to the design technique? I know! Maybe a road map? Or fields? Hmmmmmmmm. What else? I’d LOVE your thoughts on this, please.