Here we are in the new year, 2015, and I am 13 days into a “30 Paintings in 30 Days” challenge. I haven’t done one like this before and this one, hosted by Leslie Saeta Fine Art and discovered on Karen Knutson’s blog, has been going on for years and has hundreds of participants. I decided to focus on paintings of my town and the local area around Sanger, California. I should have blogged from day 1 but was having enough trouble keeping up with the challenge itself. I’ll try to catch up now.

On Day 1 and 2, I did 2 tiny (5″ x 5″) watercolor and pen paintings combining the images of “The Nation’s Christmas Tree”, fruit trees on the Blossom Trail, citrus trees, the nearby river, wild flowers, and sunlight, all enclosed in a circle surrounded by a white “self mat”. They are labelled #3 and 4 because I had done 2 previous ones in December 2014 and both sold quickly. All framed 5″ squares are priced at $32.50.

On Day 3, I did a much larger pure watercolor painting–matted size, 26″ x 18″, of the same subjects with more emphasis on the river and the mountains. This one will go into a frosted green frame with a white top mat and is priced at $220.

On Day 4, I did a  watercolor which filled a 40″ x 15″ “orphan” frame. The painting reminds me of stained glass with bold colors and shapes and black “leaded” outlines. The paper was too short for the frame but I made it long enough with strips added at the top of the painting. This one is dramatic in a simple black wooden frame. Price: $310.


Days 5 and 6 saw 2 more small (6″ x 4″) watercolors, with permanent pen. These were done in vignette style, color touching the edges but with the images surrounded by white.
Each is $32.50.


Day 7 was a departure from what came before as I did an abstracted “Sanger” in a monochromatic, subdued pallette. This one is 10″ X 10″ and has symbols for the highway, the river, blossom trees, citrus orchards, Academy Avenue, the horse farms near Centerville, the nearby mountains, Sanger’s downtown and the water tower. This “aerial” view is in very abstract form and was intended to capture the elements of our town in a different way. Price: $99.


On Day 7, I also finished a tiny 5″ x 5″ colorful abstract that was previously started but never finished. I didn’t count it as one of the Sanger 30 because it has nothing to do with the theme. I call it a bonus! Price: $32.50.

Day 8’s painting is a round mandala (10″ X 10″) called 
“We Believe in Sanger” with blossoms, citrus, the Sequoia trees, and other orchard trees.

 On Day 9, I painted what might be my favorite, so far, another “I Believe in Sanger” painting, also in a circular format and somewhat of a vignette because of the white space surrounding it. This one has blossoms, trees, the river, and fields as well as some landmark buildings and streets. In the center is “The Nation’s Christmas Tree”. This one is an 8″ square.

By day 10, I needed a break so I painted a very simple 5″ square that is like a road sign–
“Small Town, Big Heart, Deep Roots”!
Days 11, 12, and 13 are a trio of 5″ square watercolors with words, colors, and patterns. I think of them as “Sanger Color 1, 2, and 3”. They are much alike but #3 (on the far right, top row) has collage and the other 2 do not. All three are priced at $32.50 and are framed in small black shiny frames.


So now, I’m “caught up” on telling you about the first 13 paintings. Two are sold, so far. Please let me know if you are interested in any of the other ones and I will hold them for you. I will continue telling you about the rest as I go and will try to NOT get behind again. 🙂