Last Saturday, at Sierra Second Saturday Art Hop, I spent the day at the Mind Shop Bookstore in Oakhurst. Since I was there for several hours, I worked on putting the origami pieces on Fleury 2. It all started with a rectangular piece of beautiful Japanese paper that looks like a tassel or knot. I glued it down and then drew sweeping lines out from the printed paper, each one to be filled with one basic color of small (patchwork-like) pieces of origami paper. You can see the edges of glued-down rectangle in the photo above.

As I’m gluing small pieces down into the sweeping areas, I save the very small ones that I cut off and I use them right away on some really tiny little collages that use up the left-overs of beautiful origami paper. I have two 4″ X 6″ pieces of scrap mat board in front of me in the photos and am adding to both of them. They will wind up being “mini-collages”. 
I counted the “sweeps” and there  are 15 different colored areas that need to be filled with bits of cut papers. When I went up to Oakhurst, I had done one large black area. By the end of the day, I had six of the areas completed.Nine left to go! And then I’ll add large collage”flowers”to the foreground to make the “Fleury” come alive! Those flowers will be the “surprise” in this painting.
The thing that’s bothering me a bit at this point in the painting is that the red “background” areas which were navy blue in the first Fleury painting are too similar in color and value to the sweeps that touch them. I will have to probably darken up the red painted area on either side of the loop/knot to make it recede into the background.