Yesterday was the first day that I missed posting since the first of January. I was working hard to finish some things up so that I could photograph them, and post them–FINALLY! But I didn’t get them photographed till today, after I got my OWOH giveaways in the mail since yesterday was a holiday and the Post Office was closed.

As I was packaging the giveaways, I thought. . . . now, these don’t look very artistic. . . .so I went on to fix that little problem. With drying time and all in the rain, the process took longer than I thought it would. So, this first post is accompanied by 2 photos of the things I mailed today–2 giveaways and one other set of cards to someone else. They looked much more artistic when they went in the mail. The mailing tube looked especially nice, I thought! 🙂 This is all related to what I talk about when I say, “don’t just do art, or buy art, or collect art–LIVE art!”