“There once was a painting called Fleury.” She was very beautiful and very unique. She sold to a couple in New Jersey before her time. 🙂 She was made from a lovely piece of Japanese paper that came in a paper assortment brought back from Japan by the artist’s friend, Chieko. The artist never dreamed of doing another Fleury but when she, the artist, was in Berkeley a few weeks ago she (the artist) spent some time in a lovely, Japanese paper shop. She bought a package of assorted papers and when she opened it in her hotel room, lo and behold, there was another piece of paper that looked like a tassel or knot with origami papers emanating from it. The beginnings of another Fleury! Almost exactly like the original one except that the color scheme is different. The artist is now working on Fleury 2 and will show you a photo of it later today.