I’m sitting at my computer reading an article about “Ten Marketing Tips and Strategies for Art Gallery Marketing” by the Boomer Website Builder App. I haven’t gotten very far yet, but the first strategy has to do with “Store Ambiance”. Quoting from the article, I read that we gallery owners should “create a loving ambiance with stimulating scents, pleasant music (probably trending songs). Remember, “Looks matter”. A visitor who is not a targeted customer would love to be in your store and can spread the word about the beautiful design he loved at your gallery. That’s how a visitor becomes your marketer.”
So, I’ve already learned something –or maybe been reminded of something that I already knew. Reading the above quote made me immediately think of something that I should have done a long time ago and haven’t.
Most people upon entering “Mixed Messages” ART for the first time comment on how good it smells or how it doesn’t feel like they are in Sanger, but rather at the coast or somewhere else that they find very pleasant. So WHAT IF I asked everyone who has had that feeling while at the gallery to take just a few moments to write about it? I’ve had quite a few people write great reviews of the gallery and their visits, but what if everyone who has felt that way wrote a review or posted a descriptive comment that would bring others virtually into the gallery and encourage them to actually visit in person. Just think of the ramifications of THAT!
So here is my request: If you have been impressed or amazed or even surprised by the feelings you get at “Mixed Messages” ART, would you please write either a short review (and post it in Reviews in the left side bar on Facebook) or write a comment on my business page on FB or write a comment here on my blog? I would really appreciate it. I already feel like Tip #1 was well worth reading and responding to. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with others. If you respond on FB, you could actually post a Review and copy it to a comment and we’d have a double whammy! 🙂 AND, you could make it a GRAND SLAM by telling a friend or 2 about the gallery in person. Thank you all, Mixed Messengers!