Day 6, May 14, 2021

Today is Thursday and this is where I left off yesterday. 

Graphic of painting showing a representation of the text

Shapes plus color

Today, I did 3 things:

1. I continued adding more color to the shapes I added yesterday. 

2. I added a little pattern to the one arched window in the lower right.

3.I decided where I wanted to add a dark pathway to help establish depth as well as draw the eye around the painting. For the dark pathway, I used black and a dark maroon which is the color of the wall the painting will hang on.

Graphic representation of textual "more color + dark pathway"

More color + dark path


Since this is a short post today, I think it’s a good time to share the principles and elements of design. Artists usually base their compositions on the principles and elements of design and are very familiar with them. Non-artists will find an introduction to them and explanation of them helpful in furthering their understanding and appreciation of paintings and other artworks.

This is a graphic that visually shows what the elements and principles are. The Elements are from top to bottom on the left side of the graphic and the Principles are from left to right across the top of the chart.

A graphic depicting the elements and principles of Art/Design

Elements and Principles of Design/Art

The elements (on the left) are what the artist puts on the canvas. The principles (across the top) are ways for the artist to use the elements in combinations that make a pleasing and effective overall composition. Whether the artist is painting a realistic landscape or a contemporary abstract or sewing a quilt or hand building a sculpture, he/she needs to apply the elements and principles of design in his/her quest to create a pleasing and/or satisfying and/or “good” composition. Of course, what is “good” varies in the minds and eyes of the viewers of the compositions. But if the elements and principles of design have been applied successfully, the odds of an effective compositional outcome are increased.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, here is a good article from Pixpa to study which describes things clearly and supplements the text with visual examples for each term introduced. Do you see certain elements that I have already begun to apply to my canvas? I hope so! Not every painting uses every element but most do, with some elements being more prominent than others. Color is always a big factor in my paintings. I also love Texture and Line. Can you already see me beginning to apply those 3? What others are apparent, even at this early stage? I think I am attracted to the fabrics created by Marcia Derse because she and I favor the use of the same elements and principles.

I think this “catches me up” to date on the painting and on the posts, so now I can continue with the process of painting and posting.