I keep forgetting to post about another service that I offer to friends of “Mixed Messages” ART on Facebook. I call it “Shop, Wrap, Tag, & Ship from your Recliner”. 🙂 I started doing this because even though I have an online shop here on my website, I have many, many items in my brick and mortar studio/gallery than I could ever show on my online shop.
Convenience shopping.

From your recliner, even in your jammies. 🙂

Here’s how it will work:
1. You tell me the budget for a gift you’d like to purchase for someone and a little about them and what they might enjoy as a personal gift. Suppose you tell me that you want to spend about $50. I pick out some things(usually 3-5 items) in the gallery that fit your budget and the description of the recipient and send you photos of the ideas I’ve come up with.  In this scenario, I pick out a boxed card set ($47.50 plus tax) , a hand knit scarf ($45 plus tax), and a colorful rope basket with 2 goat milk soaps ($40 plus $15 plus tax). Two choices under budget, 1 slightly over budget.

Example of Boxed card set of greeting cards by artist, Kathleen Mattox

Greeting card set of some cards from “Birds of the Ponding Basin”


Hand made coiled basket by Kathleen Mattox with 2 bars of Basilwood goat milk soap

Good-smelling soap in a colorful basket!

Hand-knit scarf by artist, Melanie Schow, to show diversity of available gift items at the gallery

Gorgeous, soft, hand-knit scarf by Melanie Schow

            Hopefully, you select one of the items and this completes this step.

2. I gift wrap it appropriately for the occasion and/or season, and add a gift tag. If it’s a local pick up, I let you know that it’s ready, at this point, and you can come into the gallery or call from the curb and I’ll bring it to you. We’ve now completed the “Wrap” and “Tag” steps in the process–for local gifts. I send you a photo of the wrapped gift via email or text or Facebook Messenger.

Free gift wrapped gifts at Christmas time, with complimentary business information tag

Samples of Christmas gift wrapping

Clip on tag "dangle" to save for the business address and information

Handmade “dangle” keepsake for after the gift is unwrapped

3. If it’s to be shipped, you tell me what you’d like the tag to say and I fill it out and get the
recipient’s address from you and prepare the package for safe shipping.
4. I take it to the post office (less than a block away from the gallery) and mail it for you. This completes the “Ship” step of the process.
Sanger CA Post Office

Less than a block to the Sanger Post Office! A nice walk in good weather for convenient shipping.

5. I email or message you an invoice with the charges for the gift, tax, and shipping (plus mailer or box if one is required) and you send me a check or call me with your credit card information.
6. Easy? Yes. Fun? Yes. A helpful service? Yes. A support to a small business? Yes. Something other businesses often do if you ask them but don’t think about the possibility if you don’t. Try it . . . .  I think you’ll appreciate the convenience there is no extra charge for gift wrap or delivery to the Post Office.  🙂 It you’re near or in Sanger, CA, it can even happen at the last minute when you’ve forgotten to get something and you’ll be on the way to the birthday party in an hour. Save a drive to Fresno or Clovis. Just call (559) 905-3517 for “Shop, Wrap, Tag, and Pick Up or Ship” for your gift needs.
Reminder to Shop Small whenever possible.

Shop Small, Shop Local, Shop Sanger!

Some gift possibilities from “Mixed Messages” ART:

*Basilwood Soap products
* Greeting card sets
*Small original paintings or prints
*Jewelry by Melanie Schow
*Baby shoes and bibs by Mary Lee Otto
*Wire crosses and ornaments by Paul Parichan
*Tiny wire figures and pine needle baskets by Terrance McArthur
*Gorgeous knitted scarves by Melanie Schow
*Ceramics by Laura Fraedrich and Karen McQuown
*Lathe turned wood gnomes, trees, trays and more by Doug Skogsberg
*Mobiles by Don Munshower
*Potholders by Donna Chastain
*Honey and candles from Busy Bee Farm