I promised that I would explain “Wild & Wonderful Wednesdays” as this new week begins. Each week on Wednesday, my focus will be on these 2 things: (1) Researching new subjects, techniques, & materials and (2) Experimenting with new techniques, materials, and media. With that in mind, I recently took 2 classes with Laura Fraedrich at Allards Art on Blackstone in Fresno.

The first one was called “Paint it With Metal” and although it wasn’t what I expected from the title, it was very helpful to me. I finished up a personal project during the class time with Laura, a fabulous teacher who has the amazing skill of being able to make every student successful. I have found that it helps me to have a project in mind when I go into the class because having access to materials I don’t have at home plus encouragement from the teacher and classmates and a limited amount of time to work  helps me finish up a project and check it off my own personal “To Do” list. The day of the first class, I wanted to repaint 2 old metal signs that had rusted out, hanging on our woodshed for 5 years or more. One said “Easy Does It!” and the other said “No Pain, No Gain!”  I  repainted both of them with new colors and gold leafing and they are ready to hang back up! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ta Da, right? Plus,  I not only finished a project, I also got to experiment with new techniques, materials, and media (the second part of my focus for Wednesdays).                     



Another thing I’ve been researching is how to make bowls and baskets out of fabric wrapped around cotton clothesline and coiled into the shape of a bowl or basket. I’ve been researching by watching You Tube videos here at the gallery and talking to other artists who have made them before. The other night at home, I finished experimented, explored, and finished my first one. I learned a lot doing it and I’m sure that the next one will be easier, but I couldn’t be more delighted with my first attempt. I think it turned out really well.



I am excited to make more and they will be stored away until August when they will “come out” at the Exeter Courthouse Gallery show I will be doing with Laura Fraedrich and Kat Austin. You can see the inside of the bowl as well as the bottom of the bowl in these 2 photos. It is next to an 8 1/2″ X 11″ piece of paper for scale.

We are looking forward to prepping for an exciting, fun, and “Whimsical!” event.

What does the word “Whimsical” mean to YOU? Please comment below with your thoughts. . . . . and an example of whimsey that you’ve seen or experienced or been part of.