On Thursdays, the things I will focus on are these:

(1) Cleaning

(2) Organizing

(3) Paperwork

(4) Marketing

(5) Taxes

Sounds pretty boring, huh? Well, no day around here is dull, but some are more thoughtful and more tedious than others. My original plan for the day was to enter my sales receipts for part of May and June for tax purposes, but I didn’t start on that right away, as I probably should have.

Knowing full well that these 5 items are “on” for today, my day began with emptying my car of all the things that should have been brought in before and were not. (I was worried about leaving things in the car due to predicted triple digit heat.) Some of the bags and boxes were easy to put away, and others required more thought and time. I put away a lot of miscellaneous items, and put some into a bag to go home this evening. I brought in  a box of merchandise from Karen McQuown, a ceramics artist from Pasadena, so I decided to unpack it  and show you some new items as I photograph them and price them. (I think that counts for Organizing, Paperwork, and Marketing, but I may be stretching things a bit. LOL)

Karen McQuown of Burbank has been a teacher of disabled adults. She recently retired and has a lot more time to spend on making her own ceramics and other items now. She knows I love dogs and that I did a lot of dogs for the “Year of the Dog” on the 2018 Chinese calendar. Last year she made me one “Angel Dog” and I have always wanted more. As I unwrapped today’s box of goodies, I ooooohed and ahhhhhhhed all the way through it, as you will, too. If you see one that calls out to you, please let me know in a comment here and I will message you the price (all are between $15 and $26) and hold it for you if you want it. They are not all Angel Dogs, as you will soon see.

The first 2 out of the box were these 2 captivating ones, with sticks in their mouths, one large dog and one small dog. We all know dogs who love sticks the most, but we also know dogs who always want to have a ball in their mouth. Two of those, one rough textured and one smooth, were next to leave the box. They all have a heart on their chests, kind of like Raggedy Anne and Andy did!









Next were the “Chubby-Wubbie’s”, looking a bit like our big boy, Artie. They are really “chunky”; each has a little blue heart also.








Following them were the requested “Angel Dogs”, two of them (both textured), with lovely blue wings and cute wire halos. One is a bit bigger than the other, but not a lot. They have tiny eye holes, darling noses and tongues, and a lot of personality.


Also included in the wonderful box  of cleverly and creatively hand-formed animals was one cat, one amazing long-eared “wabbit”, and one spotted, glazed pig. I find them all quite amazingly adorable and am so glad to now have more of Karen’s work here at “Mixed Messages” ART.





So, now it is 4:05 PM and I’ve unpacked my car and the box of treasures and put away some random things. Also photographed, priced, and displayed the treasures. I am now about to start entering my sales receipts (that counts for “Taxes”), and then I hope to vacuum (that’s under “Cleaning”!), and organize my 5″ X 5″ doggy prints, which are out of control at the moment. Onward and upward, I shall be back.

Whew! Entering my receipts from May and June took 1 hour. Not bad! And I did vacuum, although just barely. I think this accountability may make me turn over a new leaf. I had no time at all for fooling around, but the photos of the new items could have been done on Saturday. It was a conscious choice to get them done today and out on the shelves so you could all see them by Saturday. The only thing I didn’t work on was the pile of 5″ X 5″ prints. Maybe I’ll have a few minutes for it tomorrow, we’ll see.

So, it WAS a thoughtful Thursday, not really tedious–but I did do things in a TIMELY fashion. No fooling around today, that’s for sure. And now I have 15 minutes left to proof this, post this, and order some gift bags. See you tomorrow–on “Festive, Fun-Filled Friday!”