Hmmmmm. When I look at my calendar it says today is Wednesday. So why am I writing about Sunday? Well, because Sunday passed me by without me finishing the tasks I planned to do that day. I didn’t take and post Instagram photos or do any videos because I spent a LOT of time on my marketing tool for the week. But I finished that very big job and will do the photos and videos this week. A plan is only a tentative, suggested plan–sometimes flexibility is necessary as tasks must be prioritized based on importance. I will soon share the marketing tool and I think you will better understand my reasoning.

So, what will happen on a normal Sunday at “Mixed Messages” ART? It will be a fun day, for playing/celebrating and socializing. I’m hoping that people will come visit on Sundays and bring projects that they are working on or come to use my materials and make a mess in my studio that they will not have to clean up or put away. If you want to come and paint, knit, draw, color, visit or ???? please feel welcome to do so on Sundays between 2 and 5 PM. If you are knitting or working on a project of your own for which you bring the needed materials, there will be absolutely no charge. If you want to work on something with my guidance and materials and space and clean up expertise, the charge will be $10 for the afternoon. I hope it will open up some new avenues of exploration for some of you.

Selected seasonal projects and ideas will be posted in advance. If you want to come and join these rather informal “class” sessions, you need to let me know by 5 PM Thursday of each week as space will be limited to 4 or 5 participants. If you are just joining us to knit or visit, we’ll be able to fit in a few more each week but please do let me know so I can set up and prepare. We’ll play it by ear until we get it right! Next Sunday will be Father’s Day so we’ll plan on a relaxed visiting day, coloring books and materials will be available as will refreshments, and there will be no charge for the experience on our first Sunday Funday Playday! Join us if you can and this week, you can practice telling me by Thursday afternoon at 5–or just drop by between 2 and 5 pm for an informal, Sunday Funday.