So, what is Scribbles and Snapshot Saturday? It is a day to write and take photos and share them with others via my Word Press blog. These are “scribbles” (on the left) and this is the icon for “snapshots” (on the right).



Saturdays will be my day to write my weekly blog post and publish it. This particular week, I’ve posted/blogged every day because I’m explaining my “new week” in detail. After this week, I am making the commitment to blog on Saturdays for sure, but there will be weeks with more than 1 blog post.

In addition to Saturdays being my blogging day, they will also be the day each week that I take and post instagram photos and film 1 or 2 very short videos and post at least 1 of them.

I will also create 1 marketing tool each Saturday. I may not be able to finish it completely, but I will work on it each Saturday until it is done. Saturdays will be busy! I must get back to work now in order to accomplish some more scribbles and snapshots!