Day 4, May 7, 2021: Today (Friday),  I didn’t paint on the large painting. But I did work a little on the 3 small canvases. On “Paint Over” #1, I added some green drips and played with them briefly, encouraging them to choose their own paths.

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Paint Over #1

On “Paint Over” #2, I made it more predominantly yellow, pencilled a random grid over it, and painted a few blocks green, the left-over color of the day.

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Paint Over #2

On the small new canvas, probably to be called “It’s Your Choice”, I added color to some of the buildings and some line work. I drew the outlines of the buildings, clouds etc. with watercolor crayons by Caran d’ Ache which are one of my favorite mixed media “tools”. You can draw with them wet by dipping them in water first or you can activate the water later with a wet brush. They are very versatile and very forgiving. . . . and very expensive, and very long-lasting.

Graphic that illustrates written text

New small canvas now called “It’s YOUR Choice!”


That was it for Day 4 of painting on the 3 small canvases. It was not a memorable Friday, but any day painting is better than any day not painting!