This is not a post about the process of the painting itself, but rather a post with more information about “Khaki”. Khaki is most commonly considered a tint of brown with a slight yellowish tone. There are a few different versions, ranging from a beige like color (light khaki), to a tan/taupe/beige (khaki), a tannish green (dark khaki) and a dark green/khaki green variation. A “khaki personality” is described as serious and somewhat reserved in temperament, not wishing to stand out or gain attention. This would probably mean an introverted personality of a person often seeking and needing alone time to recharge their energy. The motivation for liking or wearing the color may be because of connotations or connections to the military, so traits like dutifulness are likely to be strong, with a high respect for authority and a like for order and organization. These traits are often associated with being a hard worker—pragmatic, practical, conventional, conservative, and very much a realist. Having these traits most likely would lead you towards favoring managerial positions. You may love nature, the outdoors, and outdoor activities as well.