On her website (basilwoodfarm.com), Jill McColm Spruance writes: “Basilwood Farm is our family-owned and operated goat farm where we create skin-nourishing goat’s-milk soap products from our micro herd of dairy goats.” The farm has been a 25-year labor of sweat and love to create a haven for people who live there and for those who visit. A trip “up the hill” to Basilwood Farm in Prather CA will engage you with the goats, the people, the property, the products and the positivity engendered by this highly successful small business

Jill and Kim Spruance and their daughter Shelby and her children and a few dedicated employees work hard every day making the best quality goat’s milk products on the market and providing affordable luxury skin care products for all types of skin. They teach cheese, bath bomb and felted soap classes and run a Farm Stay AirBnB as their family business continues to evolve and change.



I am happy to say that I’ve known Jill since we were children because we are cousins. Her grandma Oneida Simmons Scott and my grandma, Lola Walton, were raised as sisters (though they were, in actuality, cousins) and I grew up seeing Jill and her sisters, Janey and Jennifer, and mom, JoJuana, at family picnics and events.

It’s been nice getting to know all of them better (including Jennifer’s granddaughter Sadie who was my all time favorite art student when she was 5) since Roy and I moved to Sanger. (To be continued in Part 2. . . . . )