Day 5, May 12, 2021

Today is Wednesday, my first day back to work since last Friday due to dog events on the weekend days. I’m so excited to be starting to add shapes and colors to my in-progress canvas. Marcia Derse uses a lot of basic universal shapes (read more here) in her fabrics. The universal shapes and their meanings  are these: circle (wholeness, integration, unity), square (stability, security), cross (relationship), spiral (growth, change), and triangle (ambition, goals). I have no idea what the shapes mean to Marcia Derse or even if she uses certain shapes as representative of any specific qualities. But I decided to focus primarily on squares, circles, crosses, and the arches that look like doors and windows. In these photos, you can see some of her favorite shapes on 3 different fabrics and how she “embellishes” them with different patterns and colors that she repeats throughout the “Art History 101” collection and her other fabric lines.

Graphic image of fabric supports mention in text

Marcia Derse squares

Graphic image of circles supports written text about fabrics

Marcia Derse Circles


Image of "Art History 101" fabric to illustrate text about doors and arches

Marcia Derse’s Arches, Doors, and Windows

 I used the Caran d’ Arch crayons to lightly draw a variety of shapes in different areas throughout the large 30″ x 40″ canvas. I grouped the shapes in different areas, usually in random odd numbers, if possible. Here are some examples of how I introduced the shapes on the canvas.

Graphic representation of arches

Marcia Derse’s arches

Graphic illustration of arches and circles

Marcia Derse’s arches, windows, circles

graphic illustration of words in text

Marse Dense’s arches & squares

Graphic example of adding squares with crayon

More squares

This is where I stopped on Wednesday. I didn’t work on the 3 small paintings at all. Tomorrow, I will begin to add color to the shapes, one at a time. I will also need to soon decide on where my center of interest is going to be and ways to emphasize it. I will need to add a dark or light pathway to help carry the eye around the painting. I also hope to be able to let the pathway add depth to this painting, since the original geometric shapes do appear to be stacked on top of each other at certain places. Some overlap the others and some appear to be in the background. We’ll see what I can do with that as the painting continues to develop. Let the good times roll! Onward and upward, day by day!