My potluck critique group meets once a month and each month we paint (create, actually) “to” a different topic. We select topics about once a year and each months’ is different. This month the prompt is to “use a medium you haven’t used before.”

I have so many things I’ve bought and not yet tried that I’m going to work with some of the Golden and Liquitex mediums that I have on hand. I got some unusual canvases and used a pallette knife to spread the “lightweight” medium on them, in a thin, fairly smooth coat. I read about it before hand and discovered that once it’s completely dry, it makes a paper-type surface that you can wet and drop paint and ink onto and it spreads out in an interesting manner, almost like working with watercolors.

So far, I’m having fun experimenting with it wet and dry and with paints, inks, and metallics. When I finish the panels, I want to coat them with gloss medium and self-leveling gel for a different, glossy look than I usually finish with. Fun, so far!