Last Tuesday was judging for the Madera Arts Council “Ag Show” and the reception and awards were on Thursday evening, September 16th. There were about 74 accepted entries and the judge was Paul Buxman, a artist and farmer from Reedley. I love his work, but I wasn’t sure he’d love mine. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that “Fowl Weather Friends” received a second in the Poultry category. Good friend Grace Rankin’s wonderful Rooster got first place and fellow Timberline artist Janet Morita’s beautiful white chickens got third place. Here is a photo of my entry:

My second entry was entered in the “Vines’ category and it is called “Rose Window” because it is a painting of bottles of (Rose) wine in front of a Rose Window. A play on words, as is often the case. 🙂

Painting a half sheet painting still feels very strange to me–I’m not in MY element while doing it, but it is nice to have paintings in a variety of sizes available. The poultry painting is my normal full sheet, framed to 30″ X 38″ and Rose Window is framed to 22″ X 29″. This is Rose Window:

The Ag Show is held at the Circle Gallery in
Madera and is a show well worth viewing. For
future reference, the categories offered are these:

Farm Machinery & Structures
Fruits & Nuts


Entries are made by category rather than by medium, so this is a unique show in that respect.