I am feeling inspired, now that I know what I’m going to do for the Madera Ag Show at Circle Gallery/Madera County Arts Council! Finally! I couldn’t get excited about anything previously, but now I have a plan!

I think I couldn’t get excited before because I felt like I’d be practically repeating something that I’ve done before. Now, I have a NEW idea with brand new “challenges” and I’m excited to begin. Whether or not it can be done successfully remains to be seen, but that’s where the excitement comes for me. Art is all about problem-solving (in my opinion) and if you know you can do it without any problems, it doesn’t seem to be as much fun.

Yay, me! Yay, Madera Ag Show!

Here are some previous entries in the fall show. The new entry is nothing like any of them. And maybe that is a bad thing, because six out of seven of these has been sold. Hmmmmmmm.