. . . . as Annie would have said! I can’t believe I haven’t posted on my blog since January 12, 2012. That’s over five months ago. This nonsense has to stop and I need to post at least once a week, if not more often. I find myself caught up in other writing activities–Facebook and my monthly newsletter–and I forget to pay attention to my blog. I will try to do better, starting today.

Classes, both adult and childrens’, at the gallery have been fun!

Two things on my plate, currently, beside keeping up with the day to day gallery business and upkeep:

1. Decide on a subject, compositional format, and color scheme for my painting for the Madera Ag Show. Photos are due August lst, so I still have plenty of time but I need to get started on it. I want to incorporate some of the new innovations that I’ve used on my most recent paintings.

2. Try to get motivated to start and work on a series of related paintings for the purpose of doing a series and in preparation for a potential show coming up.

And a third coming up a little later this summer:

3. I’m going to be judging my second show soon and judging is a whole new experience for me. I have to apply all I know artistically and more in analyzing a large number of paintings and synthesizing my thoughts and feelings into a form that can be expressed and explained verbally and in writing . . . . and make sense! It’s a challenge. I enjoyed my first experience in Tulare and I look forward to my second. I learned a lot from the first experience, especially about how much placement and lighting can affect the outcome. Last time, I overlooked a couple of paintings that I shouldn’t have due to their placement on the wall and lighting issues, I think. This time, I’ll be more careful to give every entry my most careful consideration. I am going to be “directed/guided” by the principles and elements of design and how strongly they come across in the entries and in the theme of the show.